Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pseudagrion rubriceps

Peninsular Malaysia contains five Pseudagrion species namely P. microcephalum, P. australasiae, P. williamsoni, P. pruinosum and P. rubriceps. Among these Pseudagrion species, P. rubriceps is the most striking one due to its orange colour on eyes, head and thorax. The orange colour is more extensive in female than in male. P. rubriceps is normally found at slow flowing water in open and grassy habitat. I found so many of P. rubriceps today at a site in UKM campus that I have overlooked for many years, and of course I had a good time shotting this gorgeous damselfly.

a male P. rubriceps

a female P. rubriceps

a tandem pair of P. rubriceps on wings

a good grasp of male on the female