Saturday, September 26, 2009

Libellulidae - Brachygonia oculata

Brachygonia oculata is a small size dragonfly. It is normally found at swamp forest. I find this small dragonfly rather cute. It is not too difficult to photography B. oculata because they frequently perch on twig and leaf.

a male Brachygonia oculata

a male Brachygonia oculata

a female Brachygonia oculata

Friday, September 25, 2009

Megapodagrionidae - Podolestes buwaldai

My latest encounter on Podolestes buwaldai makes me feel a sense of acheivement because I finally have photographed all the species of Megapodagrionidae of Peninsular Malaysia. There are four species of Megapodagrionidae in Peninsular Malaysia, namely Rhinagrion mima, R. macrocephalum, Podolestes orientalis and P. buwaldai. Between the two Podolestes species, P. buwaldai is more rare and local.

a male P. buwaldai

a female P. buwaldai

Sungai Bebar

Sg Bebar is located at the south eastern of Pahang state. It is a peat swamp with plentiful of Padanus plant covering the both side of the river. It is really hazardous to move around the river with over grown Padanus plant. Nevertheless, it is a nice habitat for Odonata.

Monday, September 14, 2009

On Sampling.........

I'm going to Sg Bebar (Pahang) soon for Odonata. This will be my first visit to Sg Bebar, and I'm really looking forward to going there. I have been told by my colleagues of how nice is the Sg Bebar aquatic habitat - peat swamp! I am expecting something interesting from Sg Bebar.