Saturday, February 2, 2013

Archibasis viola - Wheel Pair

Odonata of Ayer Hitam Forest Reserse, Johor

Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve is the last remaining patch of peat swamp forest in the state of Johor. The Odonata checklist of Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve can be viewed here.

Indothemis carnatica was recorded from Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve. It is a new record for Malaysia.

Indothemis carnatica (male)

Choong, C.Y. and Cheah, D.S.L. 2013. Odonata of Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve, Johor, Peninsular Malaysia. Faunistic Studies in South-East Asian and Pacific Island Odonata 2: 1-11. PDF

Odonata of Sungai Bebar

Among the many parts of Peninsular I visited for Odonata, the Sungai Bebar area (Pahang) is particularly rich in unique Odonata. The Odonata checklist of Sungai Bebar can be viewed here. You may click here to see some of the photos of the habitats in Sungai Bebar.

Dow, R.A., Ng, Y.F. and Choong, C.Y. 2012. Odonata of Sungai Bebar, Pahang, Malaysia, with four species recorded for the first time from mainland Asia. Journal of Threatened Taxa 4(3): 2417-2426. PDF

Platylestes heterostylus - Female

Friday, February 1, 2013


For the first time I encountered flower of Crytocoryne in the field. I was totally thrilled.