Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm on Field Again Soon...........

In less than a week time I will be setting my feet on Borneo Sabah for dragonflies. I will be joining a scientific expedition to Imbak Canyon. This will be my first experience on sampling Odonata of Sabah, though I have done twice sampling of Odonata in Sarawak. I am really looking forward for this exciting field trip..........

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Indocnemis orang

I bumped into these two individuals of Indocnemis orang at Sg Tekala Recreational Forest. They are just gorgeous.



Sg Tekala Recreational Forest

Sg Tekala Recreational Forest, Selangor is not far from the place I live - 25 km to be exact. I passed by the recreational forest a few times only, but I never got off my car to pay a visit to the recreational forest. Nevertheless, I've finally paid a visit to the recreational forest over the weekend. To my surprise, I was really impressed by the beauty and peace of the recreational forest. The recreational forest is built along Sg Tekala. It could be very busy during weekends. Visitors (mainly families) tend to gether not far from the entrance of the recreational forest for having a nice day-out. For those who fancy peace, however, may have to get deep into the recreational forest.

Sg Tekala

Sg Tekala

Small waterfall at the upstream of Sg Tekala