Sunday, November 22, 2009

Under Water Ovipositing - Pseudagrion australasiae

Pseudagrion australasiae is just another blue damselfly species which looks alike Pseudagarion microcephalum. I will explain the differences between these two Pseudagrion species in another entry. I spotted an ovipositing pair of P. australasiae yesterday, and of course I witnessed the process of ovipositing of the pair. I managed to take a few snaps on the process of ovipositing. Pseudagrion australasiae is just another damselfly species practising submerged oviposition. However, the male took part in the ovipositing by pushing the female down into water, and he was aslo partly submerged into water. Then suddenly the male released the grasp on the female leaving the female alone under water. However, the male was guarding above the water.

Actually, I also witnessed another pair of ovipositing P. australasiae a couple of years ago at different location. I saw the male pushing down the female into water and with himself also fully submerged into water (at least 2-3 cm beneath water). Suddenly, he released the grasp, and he was ejected out from the water.

a male P. australasiae perching on a reed

the male is pushing the female down into water

the female has submerged into water, and the male is also half-submerged (part of the wings of the male submerges into water)

the female is now down into water for ovipositing while the male is guarding above the water

close up of the female ovipositing under water