Saturday, January 3, 2009

Coenagrionidae - Mortonagrion aborense

Coenagrionidae - Mortonagrion aborense (Laidlaw, 1914)

Mortonagrion aborense is one of the three Mortonagrion species recorded for the Peninsular Malaysia, and it is the most common one among the three. The size of M. aborense is small (hw 15 mm). It is normally found at shady ponds or shady slow flowing streamlets. The blue marking on the tail (abdominal segment 10) is variable. Some individuals have a spot of blue marking on the abdominal segment 10, but the individuals of M. aborense (see photos below) found in Bangi Forest Reserve have blue marking on the entire abdominal segment 10.

a male M. aborense perching on a leaf

a tandem pair of M. aborense with the female ovipositing

a tendam pair of M. aborense; top is male and bottom is female