Monday, June 28, 2010

Two Aeshnid Larvae

I caught these two aeshnid larvae from a leafy forest pool in UKM Bangi campus - the forest pool where I discovered Podolestes orientalis larva. The first one is big, measuring up to 44 mm from head to tail, and it has not reached the maturity as the wing case has not well been developed. I suspect it is still in F1 stage. This larva looks like an Indaeschna grubaueri larva. If it is really an I. grubaueri, then I would be adding another species to the Odonata Checklist of Bangi Forest Reserve. I have yet seen an adult of I. grubaueri in Bangi Forest Reserve.

The second larva appears to be a matured larva with a size measuring up to 35 mm from head to tail. It doesn't look quite like a Gynacantha larva because it has a slim abdomen. Maybe I'm wrong.... it might be just a Gynacantha larva after all......

Anyway, both the larvae are male, and I am breeding them.

an Indaeschna grubaueri larva?

a Gynacantha larva?

I have a second thought of the large aeshnid larva (the first photo above). I just feel that it doesn't seem to look truly like a Indaeschna grubaueri larva as the shape of head-eye of the large larva is just not matching too well. The head-eye shape of this large larva resembles that of Anax guttatus. However, the only trouble is that the abdominal segment joints of this larva resemble that of I. grubaueri not A. guttatus.