Sunday, December 13, 2009

Aeshnid Larva

The aeshnid male larva I caught from Sg Sedim Recreational Park, Kedah is still surviving in my aquarium. I have been feeding it with tadpoles. The larva is on its final stage (F0), and it will emerge in the next few days. Now it has stopped feeding, and it halfly came up from water in the last two nights. I am expecting it is an Indaeschna grubaueri.

The size of the larva now is 48 mm from head to tail. The wing cases of the larva have harden. I actually showed this same individual larva earlier (click here to see the earlier image of this individual larva), and at the time the larva was at F2 stage. From the F2 stage to the present stage, the larva has taken at least 100 small and large tadpoles!