Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Female - Pseudagrion australasiae vs Pseudagrion microcephalum

The male adults of Pseudagrion australasiae and P. microcephalum are very much alike, and normally anal appendages (tail) are used to distinguish them confidently (click here to see the differences between the male adults). How about female adults of P. australasiae and P. microcephalum? In fact the female of both species look alike as well. Of course, the size of P. australasiae female is slight larger than P. microcephalum female (the same case for the male adults). Nevertheless, a close look on the head and thorax of the female adults, one will find obvious differences between these two species. The female of P. australasiae has very obvious thick black strip on the dorsal thorax and the head lack of blue marking, but the black marking is very obvious. On the other hand, the female of P. microcephalum has narrow/thin black strip on the dorsal thorax and the head has blue marking.

female adult of P. australasiae

female adult of P. microcephalum