Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crocothemis servilia

Crocothemis servilia is always confused with the other red dragonfly species such as Orthetrum chrysis, Orthetrum testaceum and Rhodothemis rufa. However, C. servilia is readily distinguished from O. chrysis and O. testaceum as it has red eyes but not in the later two. Nevertheless, the confusion is more actually between C. servilia and R. rufa. Close insepection on eyes may distinguish these two species. C. servilia has both eyes well touching each other. On the other hand, R. rufa has eyes bearly touching each other. Another feature to distinguish between these two species is that C. servilia has a black line/strip on the dorsal abdomen, of which R. rufa is lacking. The female C. servilia is light brown colour, and of course with a black line/strip on the dorsal abdomen.

a male Crocothemis servilia

a female Crocothemis servilia