Monday, April 21, 2008

Libellulidea - Risiophlebia dohrni

Libellulidea - Risiophlebia dohrni (Kruger, 1902)
Risiophlebia dohrni has long been recorded in Singapore but it has not yet been spotted in Peninsular Malaysia until 2006. Orr (2005) also mentioned about the occurrence of R. dohrni in Singapore but not Peninsular Malaysia, however, he did believe that R. dohrni should ultimately be found in Peninsular Malaysia. My personal account on this species is tremendous...... I recorded this species in three locations. I sampled it for the first time in Bukit Bauk, Terengganu (May 2006); then in Panti, Johor (August 2006); and finally in Pondok Tanjung, Perak (February 2007). So, R. dohrni is most likely well distributed from north to south of Peninsular Malaysia. Nevertheless, I do believe that R. dohrni is a "rare" (uncommon) species. This species is listed as endangered species in Singapore Red Data Book. The habitat of R. dohrni is peat swamp forest.