Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Coenagrionidae - Agriocnemis femina

Agriocnemis femina (Brauer, 1868)
Agriocnemis femina is one of the smallest damselfly species in the world with a size of hw=10mm. This damselfly species is quite variable in appearence according to maturity. The immature male individual has olive green marking on thorax and orange marking on tail. When mature, the body of male individual is covered with powdery white pruinescence, and the orange marking on tail will disappear. On the other hand, the mature female individual has olive green marking but the immature individual is rather red in colour. Agriocnemis femina is commonly found at open pond and marsh covered with grasses and reeds.

An immature male individual

A half mature male individual

A mature male individual

An immature female individual