Thursday, May 6, 2010

Onychothemis coccinea vs Onychothemis culminicola

Onychothemis coccinea and O. culminicola are forest species with O. culminicola being less common. Onychothemis coccinea has orange abdomen while O. culminicola has dark red abdomen. I bumped into O. coccinea in many occassions but only twice for O. culminicola. In all the occassions, I did not manage to snap good pictures of these two Onychothemis species until the luck came to me at Kenaboi Forest Reserve. I spotted both the species at Semong River. It took me a lot of patience to approach both of them for good shots. Now, I have added two more odonate species for my photo collection.

Onychothemis coccinea

Onychothemis culminicola