Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rhodothemis rufa

Rodothemis rufa, Crocothemis servilia, Orthetrum testaceum and Orthetrum chrysis are always confusing because all of them are red dragonflies with quite similar size. Orthetrum chrysis and O. testaceum may be distinguished from R. rufa and C. servilia by noticing the colour of eyes. Rhodothemis rufa and C. servilia have red eyes but O. chrysis and O. testaceum have brown/dark eyes. To differentiate R. rufa from C. servilia is not difficult - i) C. servilia has black strip on the dorsal of abdomen but not in R. rufa; ii) the eyes of R. rufa are barely touching each other but the eyes of C. servilia well touching each other. Below are two photos of R. rufa. The second photo shows the eyes of R. rufa barely touching each other.

Rhodothemis rufa perching on grass blade