Saturday, January 9, 2010

Damselfies in Wheel

Taking pictures of odanates in wheel is always challenging. Of course, first of all you have to wait until these gorgeous insects feeling like (have the mood or horny enough) mating. During mating, damselflies normally spend longer time in tandem pair than in wheel. So, you may have to wait until they really get horny to form a wheel. Once the wheel is formed, your camera have to be in paralle to the wheel in order to get both the male and female in focus. This is the most challenging part for damselflies because they normally perch not too high from the ground and the situation becomes worse as they perch near water. Posing yourself (to be more precise your camera) at the same level of the wheel is extremely difficult. Well, I was lucky somehow enble to shoot two damselfly species in wheel.........

Agriocnemis femina in wheel
the male and the famale are matured adults as both of them have white pruinescence on their thorax

Onychargia atrocyana in wheel
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