Saturday, November 21, 2009

Submerged Oviposition - Agriocnemis nana

Agriocnemis nana is one of the smallest damselfly species. I showed some good shots of male and female (matured and immatured) of A. nana here. Today, I bumped into a female of A. nana ovipositing at the water edge of an exposed pond. I did not any male courting the ovipositing female. I was thrilled to see her slowly submerging into water for oviposition. She was backing down into water along the reed to as deep as 5 cm below the water. I just took a few shots of her backing down into water - amazing.

a female of A. nana perching on a reed at the water edge

the female A. nana ovipositing on a reed below water

Oh my god! The female A. nana submerging herself into water for ovipositing