Sunday, July 5, 2009

Exuvia - Epophthalmia vittigera

I collected this exuvia from a shady leafy muddy pond at the forest edge of Bangi Forest Reserve some time ago. I spotted it clinging on a thick stick (a fallen branch) in the middle of the pond. I was quick shocked by its size from far. Yes, it is an exuvia of Epoththalmia vittigera! Honestly, I haven't seen an adult of E. vittigera, but according to literature, its size is hw 52 mm, and is said to be the largest corduliid from Peninsular Malaysia. The larval mask of E. vittigera is armed with extremely long and robust teeth, and dorsal part of the larval body is covered by strong spines. I wish one day I could witness myself an adult E. vittigera.

doral view; the black bar is 1 cm in length

lateral view; the black bar is 1 cm in length