Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Libellulidae - Nannophya pygmaea

Libellulidea - Nannophya pygmaea Rambur, 1842

Nannophya pygmaea is one of the smallest dragonfly (Anisopterean) species in the world. It is definitely the smallest dragonfly species in Peninsular Malaysia. The size of N. pygmaea is about hw (hindwing) = 12 cm. It has bright red eyes and body, and the bases of hindwings and forewings are yellow tinted. Nannophya pygmaea prefers stagnant open water (such as open swamp and marsh) with grassy vegetation. It is strictly a forest species. The male is red but the female is rather dark brown (with light bands on the abdomen). However, the colour (light brown) of the immatured male is similar to that of immatured female.

A matured male

A matured female

A immatured male

A half matured male