Thursday, March 4, 2010

Larva of Podolestes orientalis

I found Podolestes orientalis larvae in Bangi Forest Reserve some time in February 2009. I was really thrilled when I first spotted P. orientalis larva at the natural habitat....... The larva of Podolestes has never been described, and many researchers/odonatologists have been looking for it but yielded fruitless results. I had to breed the larvae at home to confirm the correct identity.

Anyway, the description of Podolestes orientalis will be published in International Journal of Odonatology. The article will be out in the first issue of year 2010. Once the article is officially out, I shall post here some photographs of the P. orientalis larva.

Choong, C.Y. and Orr, A.G. 2010. The larva of Podolestes orientalis from West Malaysia, with notes on its habitat and biology (Odonata: Megapogrionidae). International Journal of Odonatology. In press.