Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gomphidae - Burmagomphus insularis

Gomphidae - Burmagomphus insularis Laidlaw, 1914

Burmagomphus insularis is a small species (hw 21.5 mm) of Gomphidae, and it was recorded for the first time for Peninsular malaysia in 2006*. It was recorded at Kuala Koh, Taman Negara in Kelantan. B. insularis is also found in Borneo. Its habitat is primery forest with prestine forest streams/rivers. It likes to perch on sandy bank of the flowing clear forest river under the sun.

anal appendages - dorsal view

anal appendages - lateral view

*Choong, C.Y. 2006. Burmagomphus insularis: A new Odonata record for Peninsular Malaysia. Malaysian Naturalist 59(4): 7-9.